About Us

We are dedicated to helping support animal rescue... one cup at a time.

We pride ourselves on providing superior products for your enjoyment. We work diligently with suppliers to source the finest, freshest, highest quality coffee, tea and other offerings.  Please enjoy your coffee, tea, and other items knowing that every purchase is helping to provide food, shelter and medical attention to needy animals.

Puppy Paws Coffee & Company was created by a mother, two daughters and three dogs. It all started with a routine order for a “Starbucks run”, the conversation turned in to a dream of opening a dog café, a place where people could enjoy their coffee or tea and hangout with their dog. As the days passed, we talked more and more about this business venture. With very limited funds, we knew turning our dream into a reality would be difficult, but not impossible. And so it began, for months we researched and sampled various types coffees and teas. We spent long hours working on the logo, website, social media, photos, business cards, package design, marketing, gathering as much information as we could. One year after that initial conversation, in November 2016 we launched our website and the journey began. Some people define success by sales and profits, we quickly realized it’s not all about the money. Within a few months in business, our donations to animal rescue increased from 15% to 50% of our net profits. We are not ashamed to admit, we just don’t have the inner strength it takes to be on the “front lines” of animal rescue but we are committed to do the best we can to help fund those incredible people who are out there saving animals in need. The reality of our Dog Cafe' is still on the horizon.