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Teacup Plush Cat Toy with Catnip

Teacup Plush Cat Toy with Catnip

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  • Brunch teacup plush toy is perfect for playtime at the brunch table or for any time of the week.
  • Plush toy is ideal for keeping your cat active during brunch time or for any time of the week.
  • Great for both solo play and interactive play sessions with cat parents.
  • Teacup plush toy includes catnip and crinkle paper that’s sure to make your kitty purr with joy 

Brunch originated in England and so it makes a lot of sense for your kitty to want some tea along with their meal! This teacup is plush, infused with catnip and adds a few elegant points to your brunch table. Don’t be surprised if you catch your cat extending their paw whenever they’re around their new playmate—it's the fancy thing to do. Great for both an interactive game with cat parents, or as a post-brunch snuggle buddy for naps. Your four-legged feline friend will purr with joy for this tremendous teacup.


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