Frosted Pop Tart Dog Toy

Frosted Pop Tart Dog Toy

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  • Super cute design for your favorite, furry breakfast buddy.
  • Soft fabric cover and plush stuffing for cuddling and carrying.
  • Makes a great catching and fetching toy for loads of interactive playtime.
  • Contains crinkle paper so you can keep playtime going all day long.
  • Entertains your foodie friends at home and lets them get in on the snacking fun.

The Frisco Plush Frosted Pastry Dog Toy is just the cute addition to their morning routine your dog has been looking for. No toasters required! The soft, fabric cover and plush stuffing are great for dogs who love to cuddle up to their toys and carry them around the house. They’re great for all your dog's favorite games like catch and fetch, so you can always get them into an interactive play session. And they’re crinkle paper-stuffed, so your dog will stay engaged with their new toys!

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