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Kitty Cup Cat Tumbler Toy with Catnip & Crinkle Paper

Kitty Cup Cat Tumbler Toy with Catnip & Crinkle Paper

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About this product

Introducing the Kitty Cup Tumbler Toy! The purrfect blend of fun and style for your feline friend! This adorable cat toy is designed to look like a trendy preppy tumbler, but it's so much more than meets the eye. Filled with crinkle paper and premium natural catnip, this toy is sure to keep your kitty engaged and entertained for hours on end. The crinkle paper provides an enticing texture that cats love, while the catnip adds an extra element of excitement. Not only is the Kitty Cup Tumbler Toy great for play, but it also provides your cat with essential exercise and mental stimulation. Watch as your kitty pounces, bats, and chases after this playful toy, getting the exercise they need while having a blast. With its plush exterior and cute design, the Kitty Cup Tumbler Toy is sure to become your cat's new favorite. Treat your furry friend to the ultimate catnip toy that's as stylish as it is fun!

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