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Manx - Moroccan Mint (Green Tea)

Manx - Moroccan Mint (Green Tea)

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Our Moroccan Mint is true to the classic, a strong and smoky rolled green gunpowder tea with bright uplifting spearmint leaves. Perfect as an afternoon pick-me-up or appetite suppressant, Moroccan Mint green tea also makes a delicious digestif, or after-dinner drink. This is a great tea to cold-brew.  In Morocco, mint tea transmits an aroma of hospitality, served anytime there are guests, a business gathering, or of course, whenever people are just thirsty. It’s the main thirst quencher in the Sahara, after water, and is thus the most popular tea throughout North Africa, always served hot. Morocco is considered to be the largest importer of the Chinese green tea worldwide. Moroccan mint tea is commonly steeped three times, and the amount of time the tea has been steeping gives each of the three infusions a unique flavor.  Features:  •Premium mint green tea •Less caffeine than other green teas •Gluten-free & Sugar-free •AND leaves can be infused twice!  

Ingredients: Gunpowder green tea, spearmint leaves

Loose Leaf tea 

Net weight  2oz

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